Get your Customized Lighted Basketball Backboard

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Light up the night with your lighted action responsive basketball backboard. Call today to discuss the color of lights and the logo you want in your board. We will get it built and shipped.

Where can I purchase a Dunk On basketball backboard?
Right here! This is the only place you can purchase a customized lighted action responsive basketball backboard with the design and color of lights you choose. We are a specialty store so you can only buy it here.

This backboard is expensive, how are they so much better?
Durable, quality and outstanding performance are what makes a Dunk On backboard stand apart from the less expensive models. The Dunk On backboard is a much thicker and heavier backboard than the less expensive systems that are easily worn out.

Thickness of the backboard, does that matter?
The Dunk On backboard is comprised of a thickness of at least ½ to ¾ of an inch thick acrylic. This high quality thickness will give great play off of the backboard and provides a solid backboard that does not rattle when a shot hits the backboard. This thickness of acrylic will play like tempered glass and is sturdy enough to weather outdoor conditions.

When I buy a Dunk On backboard, how long does it take?
Each Dunk On backboard is made when the order is places. It is made especially for you…product development takes 8-14 business days and is shipped immediately. We will send you a shipping notice when the board is shipped.

The acrylic on my current system is broken, can you replace it?
Yes, Dunk On can make a replacement piece of acrylic for your system. We will make a plain piece as a replacement or we can customize a Dunk On backboard as your replacement. Let us know what you need and we will get it done and get it shipped.

Can you help me with a design for my backboard?
Sure, we will assist you in coming up with a design or something special to put on your backboard. What about your name or nickname? Wouldn’t that look great in lights? Dunk On is very service oriented and will be willing to go through designs and ideas to make your backboard a master piece.

What forms of Payment do you accept?
We will accept personal checks/money orders and PayPal. We will get started on your backboard as soon as we receive the money.

Where are you located?
We are in Omaha, Nebraska. We will ship anywhere in the United States.

Why can’t I find your product in the store?
Because each Dunk On backboard is a unique creation, it would be nearly impossible to retail. We do not have a warehouse with a stack of acrylic backboards waiting to be bought. We create each customized backboard when the order is placed.