Get your Customized Lighted Basketball Backboard

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Light up the night with your lighted action responsive basketball backboard. Call today to discuss the color of lights and the logo you want in your board. We will get it built and shipped.

Dunk On
A cutting edge, customer oriented concept is what brought about the idea for Dunk On. Dunk On is a unique basketball backboard that is a Lighted Action Responsive Basketball Backboard. Rarely, do we as a consumer, get the opportunity to take part in the actual design of a product that we are purchasing. Especially not your basketball backboard! At Dunk On we ask you the purchaser, to be involved in the creative design of your basketball backboard. Your basketball backboard will be uniquely yours. You chose the design or logo and the lighting color. This creation will be just that your own creation. Wouldn’t you like to see your name or nickname in lights? This is the perfect opportunity!

Dunk On will create a durable, high quality performance oriented basketball backboard master piece for your backyard, gymnasium, arena or streetball court. Contact us to discuss the details, and we will get started on development of your unique lighted basketball backboard. Dunk On is committed to making a unique high quality product that you will be proud to display anywhere.

Dunk On is the patented invention of Carl Taylor. Carl has always been an avid sports fan and athlete. Growing up in Michigan, Carl played football, baseball and ran track but developed a deep affinity and a passion for the game of basketball. Carl was, and still is, an outstanding leaper and sensation to watch play basketball. Basketball is Mr. Taylor’s passion. He continually focuses on basketball and ways to improve the game. From the backyard pick up games to the NBA, Carl is always thinking of a way to bring more people to the game of basketball. The Dunk On lighted basketball backboard is Carl’s way to bring more excitement and interest to the game of basketball.